Sunday, 30 September 2018


I know that you are all on tenterhooks as to whether or not we made our deadline aren't you? Well we did - just. The plasterer arrived last Monday and all was good. We did have a little leeway upstairs as he was starting on the bedrooms on the ground floor which meant that Andrew had time to finish the window alcove, which was really quite tricky, and the Velux reveals. The photographs are in no particular order.

It's like giant Meccano!
My task was to tackle the chestnut beams - clean and oil. It was a horrid job but I knew that it needed to be finished before the plastering was done as the linseed oil soaks in. First I had to sweep off decades of muck, then a thorough clean with a wire brush. I used a mix of 3 parts turpentine to 10 parts linseed oil which has given them a rich colour. I started work from a ladder (I'm not brilliant at heights and the ceiling is over 4 metres) and had finished the first two when our plasterer came upstairs to check progress. He look horrified and the following day brought in his tall scaffold tower for me to use. It made life a lot easier and meant I managed two coats.

You would think that we would manage a little break now wouldn't you? Particularly as Andrew's brother is staying with us for a couple of weeks. But no. It doesn't look like the plasterer will be upstairs for a few days yet so we are going to utilise his scaffold tower while we point the one exposed barn wall. This is not going to be an easy job as there are a lot of small stones and a lot of raking out to do.

I'm really hoping that we all get some time out to enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather that we're currently having.

This morning's walk

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