Friday, 9 February 2018

Baby it's cold outside!

It's been a cold week, sleet, snow and three days at below freezing.

Correze in the snow

I knew that it was going to be pretty chilly this morning when Radio France Bleu Limousin woke me at seven with phrases such as 'vigilance orange' 'phénomènes dangereux' and 'routes glacées'. My French isn't brilliant but even I could tell that they were quite concerned about the cold weather. Once up I checked our weather station feed from the garden, it was minus 7.8! The house didn't feel too bad and the insulation (finished on Monday) must be working as the last time we got this cold I had ice on the inside of the windows in the dressing room.

Dressing warmly was easy but I confess to having a grovel in my make up drawer looking for a Clarins product that might protect my face from the cold, couldn't see anything. Where is Rebecca when I need her?

At least it was dry on Mortimer's walk, who by the way loves the cold. As soon as he gets outside he rolls in the snow and frosty grass.

Despite the cold morning there were several houses in the village with windows flung wide open. Apparently the French are advised to open them for at least ten minutes everyday, regardless of the weather. It freshens the air in the house and helps get rid of condensation and stale air. Also in a country where wood stoves and fires are a main source of heating it helps get rid of the dust and ash which inevitably gets in the air (don't I know it!).  I'm a big window opener but when it's below freezing outside I draw the line.

I think we are in for a some more snow before the weather starts to warm up, at least Mortimer will be happy!


  1. Has your river frozen yet? Ours did in Laroque one year, when the temperatures reached -14.....

    1. Must have been bitter! Fortunately the Corrzez is still flowing.


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