Saturday, 3 February 2018

The attic

Winter walk in Correze
I know that this isn't a photograph of the attic, nor sadly is it the view from there, however I knew that if I went straight in with photographs of my week I would lose many of you.

Work has been progressing in the Notaire's House. Andrew has been working hard in the barn, with help from a new friend and I've been in the attic. I think I've mentioned before that we have a lot of space under the roof with either none, or minimal, insulation. Laying insulation is not a skilled job so I decided that it was something I could tackle on my own.

First I had to sweep through, not to make it immaculate but at least to remove some of the centuries old dust and cobwebs. I didn't think I would fill three black sacks of the stuff! Fortunately there is no sign of vermin or birds.The first day and a half were the worst because I was kneeling on the rafters, stuffing insulation in between. Despite inbuilt trouser pads I still ended up with sore knees. I was wearing a proper face mask for the dust and the fibres that drifted about when I was sawing through the rolls. It's brilliant but my glasses kept steaming up. The section over the sitting room was much easier as it's oak flooring and I could roll out complete sections. Stuffing under the eaves was fun and I did get stuck at one point when I was lying on my stomach, head under a beam and trying to balance on the rafters. I was quite pleased at my last minute decision to wear an old baseball cap - can you imagine what my hair would have looked like?

In the attic

I've nearly finished, probably just another couple of days. We're not sure if it's psychological but it does feel warmer in the kitchen and sitting room.

I feel that maybe that the images may stay with you, so here's another pleasant one for you.

Correze evening


  1. Ha! Sweeping attic space! I remember it well. Do you have broken bottles hanging from the rafters to deter rats and mice? We did. But of course, as ours was a butchery, the hams and so forth were up in the attic area, curing.

  2. For some reason I couldn't comment on this for a while :-( Fortunately no broken bottles, mice or rats. Finished the job this morning, excellent timing as it's been snowing all day.


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