Sunday, 21 April 2019

Happy thoughts

I've been thinking about my father a lot this week, in a gentle, happy way. He died nearly three years ago but I've been working on a furniture project this week which reminds me of him.

For a few years we had an antique business together, while we both did the buying he did most of the restoration (unless it involved fabric) and I ran the shop. It was the shop that really set me off on an interior design path. I'd always enjoyed design and styling, I'd even won a trip to the Caribbean through a window display competition many years previously, and the shop gave me the opportunity to hone my own style. Customers would often comment on the displays, sometimes buying complete room sets and asking advice. They would invite me into their homes and ask me to source pieces for them and suggest ideas - I loved it. I decided that if I was going to do this well I should train properly, which I did.

Mid century table project
After he died I inherited a lot of things from my father's workshop - tools, waxes & polishes and all manner of handles, knobs and hardware. This week we bought a mid century Danish teak table from the 1950's and although it was in good condition it needed a clean and oil so I headed to my father's kit. There were some weird and wonderful potions which fortunately I know enough about not to do any damage with! But it was just nice to know that I was using things that he had and carrying on his enjoyment of furniture restoration. With the barn to furnish I don't think that it will be my only furniture restoration project!

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Two mid century modern chairs - waiting for restoration

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