Sunday, 2 September 2018

My washing line

Friends and family have long known that I have a slight obsession with laundry. I love doing both washing and ironing. What may be new to them is my love of washing lines! Andrew's Godmother has a watercolour of a washing line which I covet. I have countless photographs of other people's washing lines (that sounds wrong doesn't it?). Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this street in Sicily.

When I hang my washing out, it has to be colour co-ordinated. After I took this photograph I swapped the two garments on the left around!

For me the view of the village is enhanced by seeing other peoples' washing.

I took this photograph in the old town the other day, I can't help feeling they bought the blue top by mistake. Or maybe it was a gift from someone who was trying to extend the colour in their wardrobe!

Our washing line is a traditional French one, you can still buy these concrete style posts with the triple lines. I think it has the best view I have ever had when pegging out, although I have to try and put something large in front of my lingerie or the whole village will see!

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