Sunday, 4 March 2018

A week in photographs

I sometimes worry that we send too many photographs to friends and family back in the U.K. We've only been in France for a few months, everything is new and we seem to have landed in an area that has some stunning scenery. Maybe the camera will come out less and less as time goes by - who knows but for the moment I'm still snapping.

The beginning of the week in Correze was bitter, we didn't get much snow but with night time temperatures of minus 10, and a wind chill of a few degrees colder, the car was a warm option so we did some exploring. We popped across the border to the Auvergne and down to the south of Correze to Collonges les Rouges. And we took a lot of photographs!


  1. Love Collonges Les Rouges. Keep snapping!

  2. I know it’s named ‘the red’ but I had no idea it would be so red. Unfortunately my photographs weren’t very good, the sun was strong so I got a lot of dark shadows.


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