Monday, 26 February 2018

Perfect timing

Bernard delivered more logs this morning, which we managed to get stacked before the final load arrives this afternoon, so we can laugh at this week's cold spell. We have two cords or eight steres which equates to about eight cubic metres. It's nicely seasoned oak with some birch and hornbeam. Just as well as apparently when we get up tomorrow it will have a real feel of minus sixteen. Now that's cold!

Update!  Bernard miscalculated and brought another load. I have moved about 2000 kg of logs today. I deserve a large glass of something tonight and probably a hot bath!

Newly delivered logs

Andrew's favourite view


  1. Well, you know what they say about how often wood warms you. I know you missed out on hewing and splitting, but moving, sorting, stacking,bringing mini-loads into the house before finally burning the stuff all help to keep you fit and warm. Non?

  2. I certainly felt I deserved the slice of apricot tart I had last night :-)


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