Sunday, 3 May 2020

Looking around town

Since we've lived in Corrèze we've got used to the beautiful walks that we can take from home. There are several marked trails, we can pick up a section of the Chemin de Compostelle or just make up our own. Sometimes I just let Mortimer (our labradoodle) guide me as he usually picks a pretty decent route. The freedom to go where we want has been curtailed slightly over the last few weeks but this has made me more focussed on what we have on our immediate doorstep.

Moss and lichen covered wall
I set myself an Instagram challenge to really look at our village, and the kilometre from it we're allowed to wander, and find things to photograph I hadn't seen before. Or if I had, then look at them in a new way. The weather has made a huge difference too, somedays were cloudless blue skies and over 20 degrees centigrade whilst others were so wet and foggy that it was hard to see a thing!

A very damp day in Corrèze
It's looking like we can wander further from the 11th May but somehow I will miss the discipline of my self-imposed task. I certainly came across things I really didn't expect!

Honestly - no idea!
This was a kind gesture. Someone had put this on the door of an elderly neighbour, a couple of lunchtime treats from the village traiteur and a small bunch of lily of the valley.

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A couple of architectural features I hadn't seen before

Can't resist a barn door!
An old piece of farm equipment made beautiful by nature
So many wild flowers at the moment

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  1. You and Corrèze have risen beautifully to the challenge!


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