Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Design time

OK I'll confess my time management isn't what it should be! I start each day with a list and a lot gets done but the one thing that always gets moved to the following day, and then the next day and then... is blogging. The last barn update was in April when we had just finished laying the upstairs parquet flooring. A lot has happened since then, it had to as we had friends and family arriving and the village campsite wasn't an option. We've been working hard and are pleased with the results but I need time to sort out photographs.

Meanwhile I'll share the design style for one of the bedrooms. While we don't want the rooms to become Disneyfied, it's nice to have a bit of fun in guest bedrooms. Looking for a French link without going down the château chic route we settled on French novelist Jules Verne and his tale of Phileas Fogg.

As usual I created a concept or mood board...

Phileas Fogg concept board
It was quite fun to do and I've already found some items. The wallpaper is the same as the other bedroom but in navy, the mirror I picked up in a local brocante and the globe in an interiors shop that is closing down. I've already got some items that will work but I need to find the cardboard boxes that they're in!

Style items

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  1. What fun! We can't wait for further updates as we have fond and clear memories of where things were at not much less than a year ago.

  2. Thank you Margaret. Sometimes it's difficult to remember what it was like and how much we've done. Andrew even mentioned doing another barn conversion this morning...


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