Sunday, 23 December 2018

Lost skill

I've lost the art of sitting. Not the mechanical action, I can still stand with my back to the sofa, bend my knees and there I am. Sitting. But what happens then? What am I meant to do?

Andrew and I said we would down tools from this weekend until January 2nd. We are both tired, not physically but mentally. We are really enjoying our restoration project for so many reasons but the planning and decision making can wear you out. Last week I was obviously not focussing properly and sustained three (minor) injuries, all caused by lack of concentration on the task in hand. I was being the second pair of hands to help Andrew with some plumbing and forgot to move mine out of the way. Result a bruised and swollen finger. Going down stairs I remembered what I had gone up for, did a sharp U-turn and tripped. I did not win the battle between hardwood stairs and shin. Finally I put a log on the wood burner without thinking what I was doing and seared my arm, Andrew heard the noise from across the room. Now none of these are serious but I need to stop for a few days.

So the sitting bit, obviously I haven't spent all year on my feet, I have sat down but usually it's to do something house related. Research, accounts, planning, ordering. Even as I type I have the urge to open a new tab and look for the perfect kitchen tiles I haven't yet found. Or order the shower tray while Lapeyre still have their 20% discount.  We are already talking about a job that we could do on 'Boxing Day'. I really don't know how to switch off renovation mode.

Back in the U.K I used to have 'magic moments'. 15 minutes or so with an interiors magazine and a cup of coffee or glass of wine but I haven't done that for months. Partly there is the guilt but also, although I subscribe to Art et Décoration magazine, it's not quite so relaxing when I have to read it with the aid of a dictionary. My kind friend Maggie has brought me a copy of Country Homes & Interiors so I may have a trial run of 'sitting' later this afternoon. I have ordered a couple of books to read over Christmas so maybe that will help.

Please don't feel sorry for me, life is good. Really good, but if you have any suggestions to help me regain the art of sitting they will be most welcome.

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