Monday, 6 August 2018


Last Friday we had (another) free concert in Corrèze, this time by ethno-rock band Chapitre V. The event was sponsored by the sports committee who were running the food and bar stands and the square was packed. We picked a spot on the very warm church steps, enjoyed a cool drink and waited as the band did final checks.

Chapitre V playing in Corrèze town
We really enjoyed the music, the lead singer had a good voice and the musicians excellent. But what I really loved was the contrasts. Firstly a loud rock band with smoke and flashing lights in a medieval setting but most of all a local resident. No more than 30 feet from this 'cacophony' was an elderly French lady who, with door wide open, continued to prepare her supper, you can see her house on the right hand side of the photograph below.

Corrèze town hosts Chapitre V
Nothing stops supper cooking

A little later she was joined by some friends and they sat round the kitchen table eating, drinking and I have no doubt gossiping.

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