Saturday, 28 July 2018

Le fête du Pain, Meyrignac-L'Eglise

Meyrignac-L'Eglise is a small hamlet of 47 people about 3 kilometres from us. In common with many French villages they had a communal bread oven, and like a lot of them it had fallen into disuse over the years. A community campaign has led to it being restored and today was the annual fête du pain. The bread oven is used to bake bread and pizzas and local suppliers sell produce.

Meyrignac-L'Eglise four á pain 
Forget the small, domestic bread ovens that you may see, this is the size of a small house (in fact we have stayed in a converted one in Normandy). Fortunately today is our one cool day this week but I can imagine this was a popular meeting place in past winters.

Meyrignac-L'Eglise bread oven
We have bought one for lunch, I'll let you know what it's like. Meanwhile they are still cooking, the fête doesn't finish until 17.00 so if you're in the area it's worth a visit.

Traditional bread oven baked

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