Monday, 9 July 2018

Being a tourist

I feel I'm failing at convincing you all that we're working hard here as we've just spent a whole week doing nothing to the house. Our excuse was the arrival of our first visitors from England, so we just had to take time off to show them Corrèze.

Tour de Mount Bessou
Mortimer and Dexter cool off.
The weather continued to be hot and so water featured quite heavily, particularly for Mortimer and his canine friend Dexter. Our regular evening walk was a huge hit as it features two lavoirs and a fountain. On our trip to the viewing tower at Mount Bessou (I made it to the top despite being terrified) included a trip to Lake Viam where we found a sandy beach, if only we had swimsuits. It didn't stop the dogs though. For their last day we had lunch in Argentat  followed by a side excursion to Les Cascades de Murel, again with cooling paddle.

Les Cascades de Murel
Their visit coincided with the start of the summer sales so a day in Brive la Gaillarde was never in doubt. Andrew was very patient as us three ladies nipped in and out of the shops, although he ended up with as many bags as the rest of us. We couldn't resist a trip to Maisons du Monde and dragged a friend along to a vide maison that was happening in the village. I was very pleased with my purchase of vintage wine glasses and some table linen.

Brive la Gaillarde
Tulle is our nearest large town and the French cultural centre for the accordion. Les Nuits de Nacre is a four day event where you can hear music everywhere, on the streets, small venues, the cathedral and open air stages. Yes, there is traditional French accordion music but nearly every music genre is covered. We particularly liked Doc Mad who played gypsy jazz. We are certainly going to spend more time there next year.

Les Nuits de Nacre - Tulle
I'm hoping we have more visitors soon so I can play some more!

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