Sunday, 15 April 2018

Barn - lighting & electrics

We have spent far too much time this week in front of the computer working out the lighting and electrics for the barn. We had a charming electrician visit on Tuesday, who was really helpful. Andrew has done the electrics on all our past renovation projects but is still getting his head around French norms. However our electrician has deemed him competent enough to pull all the cabling ready for connection to the new consumer unit. He can also get all supplies cheaper than we can so we needed to get our lighting and electric schematic drawn and sent across so we can get this phase underway.

We have also decided to change from the existing three phase to mono phase. I thought I could get away with this job as EDF have a really good English speaking section. Andrew made the initial call and all seemed well until I heard him say that his French wasn't up to much but it was no problem as his wife was much better. After the call was finished I asked him what this was about. It turns out that I will be taking a telephone call next Friday morning answering technical questions that I'm not sure I could do in English let alone French!

Ground floor

First floor
This took us several days to do. I had to finalise the kitchen design, and as mentioned before we both have strong design ideas that don't always coincide. Although we already had scaled floor plans we made several trips between office and barn to draw chalk lines on the floor. But finally we got there.

Next will be choosing the fittings. More marital negotiations!


  1. Our planning was limited to drawing the room out on squared paper, and cutting out cardboard shapes of fixtures and fittings and pushing them around till they looked vaguely right. Then we didn't stick to the plan. Yours looks professional but terrifying!

    1. But you did try things out first, better than a friend who fell in love with a sofa, bought it not thinking that it was a right hand corner not a left. It’s a bit difficult now getting through her sitting room door!


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